Ali Hajirezaei

Web Based Software Developer( Open Source )

Welcome to my website, my name is Ali HajiRezaei. I studied Software Engineering at Kashan University (entry year 2010). I started my specialized activities during my studies, specifically in the field of web based software development and maintenance. I have gained experience as a web developer in various companies. During this time, I have worked with different programming languages, libraries, frameworks, and databases, as well as some DevOps technologies. Alongside my technical skills, I have cultivated soft skills such as creativity, adaptability, planning, decision-making, and problem-solving. My endless passion for following new web development and maintenance technologies has motivated me to continuously improve my skills in this field.

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university of  kashan


Bachelor Of Science ( University Of Kashan )

I was accepted as a software engineering student (bachelor's degree) at Kashan University in 2010. Thanks to the dynamic environment, webinars, group competitions, and training programs, I was able to become familiar with software engineering and programming topics. My interest in the web field led me to intern at one of the companies located in the university's innovation center during my studies to apply what I had learned. After that, and after completing several small commercial projects, I decided to organize a web design workshop at the university to share my experience to other students.




It's in progress, not ready yet!