Ali Hajirezaei

Web Based Software Developer, Teacher and Consultant( Open Source )

It is almost a decade that I've started web development, in the beginning, I learned html, css and javascript and when I saw my first designed web page, I became interested to continue leaning other web technologies. I have experience working with wordpress, drupal7,8, laravel and node ( alongside express and for a real time private chat and notification). also in frontend stack, I have experience working with vanilla js, jquery, and I also have a hand in working with react.js. for deployment purposes, I can work with centos or ubuntu (vps, aws or google cloud), nginx as web server and reverse proxy, docker and docker-compose and of course basic linux hardening. I'm also familiar with microservices architecture. you can take a look at other technologies that I've experience with in skills section. at last, I'd like to keep working, facing and learning other web technologies, so if you think that I am a suitable person to work with, do not hesitate to contact me

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university of  kashan


Bachelor Of Science ( University Of Kashan )

I was accepted in kashan university as software engineer in 2010, I didn't know anything about how computers work, because I was born in a village in iran and my family were illiterate. so college provided a great place for me to get familiar with photography, 3D virtual tours (I was one of the trusted photographer at google on that time), game engines like UDK and Unity, C++, C# form, HTML and CSS (I taught web design in 2012 in the university) and php. so these years made me ready to face with customer projects and my progress in web development.




It's in progress, not ready yet!