Ali HajiRezaei

Web Master and Virtual Reality Specialist

Ali HajiRezaei

Web developer and Virtual Reality Specialist

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Hi, I'm Ali HajiRezaei

Web developer and Virtual Reality Specialist

I was born in Isfahan, Iran in 1992. I have B.S (software engineering) from Kashan University and I am interested in Web/Android designing and developing . also I love virtual reality (VR).


Full name

Ali Hajirezaei


16 march 1992 – Isfahan, Iran




computer engineering

Kashan University (4 Years Course) - Graduation July 2015

I learned basic courses of software field of computer science in this four years and i got familiar with most of sub fields like desktop programing , desinging , photography , VR programing , game programing , android programing and web developing. but my expertise is Web developing and VR programing and currently I am learning android(native java)


Professional Skills

  • 85% Complete
    Thinking 85%
  • 80% Complete
    Effort 80%
  • 75% Complete
    Endurance 75%

Professional Skills

  • 80% Complete
    Confidence 80%
  • 70% Complete
    Comunication 70%
  • 60% Complete
    Leadership 60%

skills detail

Photoshop Flash Pro HTML5 CSS3 W3.css BootStrapt Javascript W3.js jQuery Json Ajax Express Js Socket.IO Node Js PHP Wordpress Drupal MySql SEO netbeans SSH Putty XAMPP PHPMyAdmin MySql WorkBench AWS CPanel DirectAdmin HDR Photography VR Photography 3D Object Photography VR Programing Windows 10 configuration Network+ Git Git Lab Scrum trello


Roya Rayan Rastak Co

Web Designer - 2012 - 2013

I got familiar with this knowledge base company by one of my college friends. this corp place is in tehran, sharif University and their researches is about web and mobile apps.

Idin Virtual Development Co

web designer - 2013 - 2014

this company place is in malek shahr area, Esfahan and I helped them to designing the websites and VR projects at this time.

Farshchian Cultural Complex

Web Designer / Developer - 2014 - 2015

this institute had some web projects that needed some one to support them. i changed some design, developed some functionalities and backing up projects ...

Web Iran Dev Team

Web Designer / Developer - 2015 - 2017

at this time I start this team with some of my friends and we done some projects and We've got a lot of experiences.

Andishe saraye makan institute

Web Designer/Developer - 2017 - 3 month

this institute has two great website with high alexa rank ( and at this time they needed some functionality and design that I done for them in a short time as a project.

Hooman Vira

web developer - 2017 - Current

this company is a start up and it has two websites ( and base on drupal 7) , I was a part of development team. in the begining I was alone and my work was designing and developing and after that development team grew, my work was planing, managing sprints and merging codes.


watching Movies

I like to watching meaningful movies. for fun, gain experience and english language promotion.

Boxing and bodybuilding

sometimes I practice boxing and bodybuilding at home. because coding takes most of my time and there's a lot of energy left for me.


I realy interested in traveling.


Foolad24 Website

an online business center for iron market that includes products , Auctions and RFQs for first phase

tarabari24 Website

it is an online way to find driver if you have any load to transport or find loads easily if you are a driver

Ahanco Website

Ahanco is an informational reference for iron and metal. this website covers news, articles , metal product and multimedia that includes videos and radios and instant currency rate.

Hello E Marketing website

this website is about digital marketing that covers news, classes, services. the owner can define pro contents and sell it or make it visible for the specific users.

kashan university VR

the kashan university virtual reality includes 108 3d views. user can navigate between views using links, thumbnail, and university map.

Roohinaco website

this is a corporate website that includes news, services, product info and articles. the contents of this website fills automatically from another website using a robot.

roozegar coffee shop VR

this is a small virtual reality project that includes only one 3d view and a background music.

payame shekoftan charity website

this is a free project for payame shekoftan charity that includes charity news and events, image gallery, intro, contact and online financial support.

farnaz and mohammad house VR

this project is virtual reality from farnaz and mohammad house before construction using 3d models. user can see the house map and select the rooms view from it.

Brujerdi historic house VR

this project is virtual reality of brujerdi historic house located in kashan,Iran that includes four 3d views and support virtual reality glasses.

tgn co website

this website desinged for tgn corp that includes news and events, articles, about, contact, common questions, consultation form and online shop for selling products.

8 paradise palace VR

this project is virtual reality of 8 paradise palace (historical place) that incluses five 3d views.

forstudio architectural studio

customer of the forestudio preoject asked me for a fast loading, black and white color and simple design as possible with hover filter for projects. you can see the result.

papital wood

customer of papitalwood project asked me for a full slider in main page without scrolling, a powerfull editor for writing articles, a beautifull view for projects and products.



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